Gravity Defied for Android - native Android port of a legendary J2ME game from 2000s (note: the iOS port is not mine)


MacBook Air 5,2 support

MacBook Pro 10,1 support

ThinkPad W530 support

pmh7tool - a tool to read and write PMH7 registers on Lenovo ThinkPads. PMH7 is a gate array used for switching on and off power of some devices on the board such as dGPU or touchpad

ACPI support for battery thresholds on ThinkPads (with derlafff)

Dual Graphics mode on ThinkPads

NVIDIA Optimus support - partly (with siro's help)


VK Desktop Messenger - official messenger for Linux, macOS and Windows


tablocation - XUL Firefox addon that adds page URL under the title on every tab. Compatible with Firefox < 57

sketchtrial - never ending trial for Sketch on macOS

swap_workspaces - useful script I wrote for using with XFCE

vkflex-php - native PHP addon for declension of Russian and Ukrainian names and surnames

node-vk-flex - same as previous, but for Node.js

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