This page contains links to some of my works.


Gravity Defied for Android - native Android port of a legendary J2ME game from 2000s (with grishka)


MacBook Air 5,2 support

MacBook Pro 8,1 support

MacBook Pro 10,1 support

ThinkPad W530 support

Samsung 300E5C support

Intel ME Soft Temp Disable support

Dual Graphics mode on ThinkPads

drivers/apple/hybrid_graphics - hybrid graphics driver for Apple MacBook Pro

ec/apple/acpi - some ACPI features for Apple MacBooks

NVIDIA Optimus support - partly (with siro)

ACPI support for battery thresholds on ThinkPads - partly (with derlafff)

mmga - a script to help flashing coreboot on MacBooks without using external SPI programmer

pmh7tool - a tool to read and write PMH7 registers on Lenovo ThinkPads. PMH7 is a gate array used for switching on and off power of some devices on the board such as dGPU or touchpad

smctool - a tool to read Apple SMC keys. Supports various data types and output formats

GMA fixes (1, 2) for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, Kconfig options for enabling RC6 and RC6p

Support for disabling Intel Hyper-Threading (with Nico H.) (1, 2)

ThinkPad BIOS software flashing guide - a tutorial on how to flash coreboot on IvyBridge ThinkPads without external SPI programmer (and official coreboot doc)

Montevina series documentation - a documentation on X200/T400/T500/X301 boards

SNB/IVB Apple boards internal flashing tutorial - a tutorial on how to flash coreboot on certain Apple boards without SPI programmer


isv - Linux utility for controlling Voltronic hybrid solar inverters that use P18 protocol

voidnsrun - helper utility for launching glibc-linked binaries, like some proprietary stuff without source code available, in musl-libc voidlinux environment (or vice versa)

tablocation - XUL Firefox addon that adds page URL under the title on every tab. Compatible with Firefox < 57

sketchtrial - never ending trial for Sketch on macOS

swap_workspaces - useful script I wrote for using with XFCE

vkflex-php - native PHP addon for declension of Russian and Ukrainian names and surnames

node-vk-flex - same as previous, but for Node.js


php-router - simple one class php router. The code is not very good and clean though. But I use it in production with 100+ routes on a quite high loaded website and it works fast and well.

drm_master_util - suid helper for Xorg modesetting hack

mojave-permissions - native Node.js addon for checking and requesting media permissions on macOS 10.14

peerflix-deadbeef - wrapper script to use peerflix to listen to music from torrents in DeaDBeeF

CHIPSEC patches

Electron patches

VK Desktop Messenger (2015-2020)

VK for iPad design (2013)

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