Gravity Defied for Android - native Android port of a legendary J2ME game from 2000s (with grishka)


MacBook Air 5,2 support

MacBook Pro 8,1 support

MacBook Pro 10,1 support

ThinkPad W530 support

Dual Graphics mode on ThinkPads

drivers/apple/hybrid_graphics - hybrid graphics driver for Apple MacBook Pro

ec/apple/acpi - some ACPI features for Apple MacBooks

NVIDIA Optimus support - partly (with siro)

ACPI support for battery thresholds on ThinkPads - partly (with derlafff)

mmga - a script to help flashing coreboot on MacBooks without using external SPI programmer

pmh7tool - a tool to read and write PMH7 registers on Lenovo ThinkPads. PMH7 is a gate array used for switching on and off power of some devices on the board such as dGPU or touchpad

smctool - a tool to read Apple SMC keys. Supports various data types and output formats

ThinkPad BIOS software flashing guide - a tutorial on how to flash coreboot on IvyBridge ThinkPads without external SPI programmer


tablocation - XUL Firefox addon that adds page URL under the title on every tab. Compatible with Firefox < 57

sketchtrial - never ending trial for Sketch on macOS

swap_workspaces - useful script I wrote for using with XFCE

vkflex-php - native PHP addon for declension of Russian and Ukrainian names and surnames

node-vk-flex - same as previous, but for Node.js


php-router - simple one class php router. The code is not very good and clean though. But I use it in production with 100+ routes on a quite high loaded website and it works fast and well.

drm_master_util - suid helper for Xorg modesetting hack

mojave-permissions - native Node.js addon for checking and requesting media permissions on macOS 10.14

peerflix-deadbeef - wrapper script to use peerflix to listen to music from torrents in DeaDBeeF

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